How do you like a restaurant wine list to be laid out?


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How do you like a restaurant wine list to be laid out?

newJJD | Oct 6, 2008 02:18 AM

I thought there may have been a thread on this already, but a search revealed nothing.

I was curious as to how people preferred a wine list be laid out?

Do you prefer it to be grouped by country (after being divided into red/white first of course)

Or perhaps grouped by varietal or blend, regardless of country.

Lately, I see some lists grouped by wine-style (light & crispy, round & fruity, big & rich). I only like this style of list if the wine actually belongs in that category. Some restaurants, especially chains, get it wrong sometimes.That gets to be annoying when it is a wine I'm not familiar with, as I really don't want to debate with the server whether or not I agree with their categorization.

Once grouped, do you like any organization within that group - like alphabetical, price, vintage. I know the trick of the trade is to keep it random, otherwise guests tend to overlook certain wines.

Your thoughts?

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