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*Enough* with the Restaurant Weeks already!

boagman | Jun 1, 201204:06 AM

Bit of a rant here I guess. I truly do like Detroit Restaurant Week, and the fact that it's twice a year seems about right...not too often, not too spartan.

Really, though...the "Me, too!"-ishness of the other local municipalities doing their *own* (usually far, far crappier) versions of Restaurant Week just seems ridiculous, in poor taste, and ultimately waters down or even destroys the concept that DRW really aims for. Plus, some of the local communities really don't/can't even justify their own RWs, as participation is usually lax, the participating restaurants aren't really culinary draws, and there doesn't seem to be any real uniformity to making all of the places offer X number of courses for Y price.

I'm not saying that DRW is absolutely perfect, but for the most part, they're at least two cuts above the other local RWs in terms of consistency, draw, value, and quality. All I need to do is look at the participating venues in places like St. Clair Shores or Royal Oak to dismiss them...having a look at their RW menus/prices is often a laugh.

It's not just them, though...Troy, Birmingham, and what seem like myriad others. Most of them (there are rare exceptions, I suppose) seem like half-baked attempts to try and duplicate the warranted success that DRW has grown from the ground up. I, for one, would now like the hangers-on to unleech themselves, so to speak, or at the very least, get a lot, *lot* better, or just plain stop the stupidity of having their own RWs.

Am I off base here? It seems as though this should have been said earlier.

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