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Restaurant Week Report - Tangerine


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Restaurant Week Report - Tangerine

Bob Snyder | Jan 26, 2005 08:27 AM

Went to the Stephen Star restaurant Tangerine last night...very nice.

Since there were two options to each course we just went straight down the list and had one of each. The Arugula Salad with Honeyed Almonds and Manchego was good but basically just a really nice salad. A little salty for my taste but good. The other appetizer was Bay Scallops with Tomato Risotto and Basil Coulis. These were really excellent. A nice light flavor, my girlfriend commented that she'd have been happy if this was an entree.

One thing I should mention is the bread. Brasserie Perrier gave standard dinner rolls with some butter, really nothing special. Tangerine gave this amazing rye bread with dates / raisons and pistachio’s. They also had a nice sliced bread that was great for dipping in olive oil. I just ate the bread by itself because they forgot to give our table olive oil.

For the entree we had Chicken Tagine with Preserved Lemon, Picholine Olives and Spiced Cous Cous. This was amazing. This was best entree we had between here and Brasserie Perrier. It was an amazing medley of flavors. Wow. I also liked how the chicken was shredded instead of a big lump. The other entree was Roasted Salmon with Saffron Potatoes and Sauce Basquaise. This was good, probably the best salmon I've had. The Saffron Potatoes were amazing. The best mashed potatoes I've ever had by far. It's rare that I put mashed potatoes in my mouth and comment on their greatness but these deserved it.

For dessert we had a Chocolate Timbale with Candied Kumquat and Vanilla Tuile. This was OK but nothing special. It was definitely hurt by the fact that I tried the other dessert first. The other dessert was a Caramel Apple Tart with Dried Fruit Compote and Walnut Mascarpone. This was a multi-layered chocolate thing with various levels. I almost called it a cake but it didn't have any cake layer. It was firm but had a mouse like flavor. This was the absolute best thing I've ever tasted. By far it was the most amazing dessert I've ever had. I told my girlfriend that if I really had to choose between her and it, she'd lose.

Actually now that I re-read these things I'm not sure which was the good one. The chocolatey one with the carmel sauce was the best dessert I've ever had. The gelly healthy looking creme brulee' thingy was just OK. OK I've researched the word "Timbale" (Definition: A small, round mold commonly used to shape custards and rice mixtures) and have corrected the above dessert section. It was originally reversed and I was saying that I loved the tolerable one. It's correct now so if you go, get the Carmel Apple Tart. In fact, get 30 of them.

Overall the portion size is small compared to what you expect at a restaurant but really they were about the size you're supposed to be eating. I didn't mind the sizes, chain restaurants get you accustomed to such larger sizes that normal plates seem small in comparison.

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