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Restaurant size

Jeremy Osner | Oct 5, 1998 03:07 PM

I'm wondering how you all feel about big restaurants.
I've noticed a lot of people writing about USqC,
Gramercy Tavern, Gotham -- When I go into a big dining
room it usually makes me uncomfortable. I ate at USqC
recently and I had a hard time concentrating on the

I greatly prefer to eat at a small restaurant, say
Savoy or La Luncheonette. (This same thing applies to
"ethnic" cuisines: I felt nicer eating at the old
Jackson Diner than the new one, though I'm planning to
give the new location some time to get their kinks
straightened out. And I felt pretty miniscule at Green
Fields.) Some places manage to make a large dining room
feel small, like Jhupdi/Vatan, but this is in my
experience pretty rare. (And Jhupdi/Vatan doesn't have
_that_ big a dining room anyhow.)

Anyway, if I were recommending a restaurant I would
generally go with the smaller ones over the larger.

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