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Restaurant Service in the Triangle


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Restaurant Service in the Triangle

rockycat | Mar 2, 2010 06:41 AM

The recent thread on Piedmont got me thinking. How do you feel about the level of service in some of the better restaurants in our area?

Clearly many diners feel that sub-par service at Piedmont makes it a no-go, even if they like the food. A friend recently told us about a visit to Zely & Ritz in Raleigh. They liked the food but had a problem with poor service. I could commiserate because the one time I tried to eat there the staff was so indifferent that we walked out before ordering. (They let us sit for a half hour in an empty restaurant with just a glass of water on the table. We couldn't even make eye contact with anyone so we put down 2 dollars for the "bother" of having to wash our water glasses and walked out. No one even noticed that we left.) At another upper end restaurant in Chapel Hill I once sent back an uneaten main course because it was room temperature and inedibly oversalted. The waitress never noticed and didn't question my satisfaction until I forced the issue with her. I never got an apology from her or the manager.

Is this something of a pattern in our area or a series of unrelated incidents? It seems that in a region that boasts one of the "Foodiest Cities in America" we should be getting a reasonable level of service.

What do you think?

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