Restaurant Ripoffs: Wine and Water


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Restaurant Ripoffs: Wine and Water

billmarsano | Apr 22, 2007 10:12 AM

I'm getting to hate restaurants, especially because of their ripoff policy on wine pricing. For example, recently at the Bryant Park Cafe the cheapest wine on the list was $30. Not so bad--but I know they got it for about $6 wholesale (Beverage Media Monthly tells all!)

Latest scam: selling tap water! Pretending to respond to environmental concerns about the waste involved in bottled water (glass and plastic, shipping over long distances) some fancy joints are not filtering tap water and selling it for $6+ a bottle.

By the way, eco-pals:Restaurants that use "reverse-osmosis" filtration are the worst offenders. This kind of filter WASTES 5 gals of perfectly clean municipal tap water for every gallon of filtered water it delivers.

Anybody for BYOB? How about restaurants that encourage BYOB--are there any?
(I know there are plenty that try to kill it by charging ruinous corkage fees--and would be glad to hear from 'Hounders about excesses they've experienced.

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