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I Am Not A Restaurant Reviewer...And I Won't Play One in Your Home


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I Am Not A Restaurant Reviewer...And I Won't Play One in Your Home

rockycat | Dec 25, 2009 04:38 PM

Like most CH'ers I love eating well, I enjoy cooking and baking, and I am good at it. I especially enjoy baking for other people and it makes me happy when they enjoy my baking. Here's my problem.

When you invite me to your home for dinner, I accept the invitation because I like you. I enjoy your company and spending time with you is a pleasant way to pass the evening. I don't really care if you're a great cook. I will happily eat what you serve me and thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness in asking me over. If I don't like what you made I will not let you know it. If I have to have a snack at home later, that's my problem.

So why do you have to make a fuss over my being a good cook and your cooking likely not being good enough to serve to me? You're probably a perfectly fine cook. I never criticize your cooking and, for all you know, I really look forward to your famous specialty. Steve makes the best Texas BBQ. Jaime makes heavenly deviled eggs. You get the picture.

Please stop stroking my ego like that. My ego doesn't need it and frankly, it's really embarrassing. I like eating with you and you're making me uncomfortable.

I find that the above scenario happens far more often than I would like. Do you get in this situation and how do you handle it?

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