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New Restaurant Review- Siroc = Wonderful

mjhals | Feb 19, 200906:14 PM     1

Just returned from Siroc, on McPherson Square, and it was wonderful! Went with three friends during Restaurant Week and everything was excellent from the food, to the wine, to the service and FOH. Both the RW menu and regular menu were available, and the RW menu consisted of approx. 3-4 choices from the regular menu. I think there might have been additional specials on the RW menu that weren't on the regular menu, but to be honest, I didn't cross-reference that closely. Originally, I had been tempted to order the osso buco which appeared to be a fairly classic preparation (served w/ gremolata, although also served with polenta rather than risotto). But, the osso buco wasn't offered on the RW menu and the beef filet was, so I opted for that in order to take advantage of the deal.

I started with the rabbit and black truffle sausage served over polenta and salsify. Wonderful dish! Great flavor, all the ingredients stood out but married well together. I couldn't detect any strong truffle flavors, more of an overall essence in the dish. Polenta was wonderful- smooth and rich, although not an overly generous serving. That's one thing I'd note about Siroc specifically, I love their portion size! Every dish was just enough, fairly small portions, so definitely was not overly full after apts., and even after the main. Across the board at the table, we all finished every bit of all of our courses and agreed no one left painfully full, and we're by no means big eaters. So I really enjoyed being able to savor every bite w/o feeling like a pig!

For the main I selected the beef filet served with garlic mashed potatoes (yukon golds, I believe), haricot verts, and pancetta. I ordered my filet rare, and the server was well-versed enough to ask me to describe "my rare", which I appreciated b/c I invariably end up w/ med rare when I mean RARE. So I liked the opportunity to describe my rare as closer to blue than med. He got the picture and my steak was absolutely perfect- warmed through all the way but still very much red in the middle circled by a good crust. Perfect. The green beans were cooked perfectly as well, al dente in a light coating of butter. Mashed potatoes were good, not a huge standout, but again, just enough served to soak up the juice, but not enough to weigh down the meal.

Two choices for dessert- pear poached in red wine w/ vanilla ice cream or tiramisu. I'm not a tiramisu fan so choose the pear. And I was expecting much and just thought it'd be a fairly light, innocuous dessert. Oh my god, so good, and so much richer than I expected. I must confess I have a huge sweet tooth so it's possible the dish would be too rich for a "normal" palette, but I loved it! The sauce had no alcohol bite to it, and was almost the consistency of syrup. For as sweet as it was, I couldn't identify the sweetener- refined sugar?, brown sugar?, honey?- couldn't tell you, but it was sweet, sweet goodness. And plenty of sauce to match every bite of pear, and just enough ice cream to melt into the dish and add to every bite as well.

Some random notes, the staff is super nice and accommodating without being overbearing. I believe the owners were there, just overseeing and gently correcting mistakes of their new servers (nothing noticeable, just a gracious filling of a low wine glass here and there). The space is a little small, so if it gets real popular (and I hope it does) it'll be a hard reservation to get. And the acoustics are a little loud (maybe due to the high ceilings?), but nothing off-putting, just a nice vibe.

All in all- loved it. Will definitely be back to try that osso bucco, and I hope the poached pear stays on the dessert menu.

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