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Restaurant recommendations for Feb 2015 Japan Trip

DreamCatcher | Dec 16, 201401:04 AM     24

I'm travelling to Japan in February with my family (4 Adults). Looking to do a few high end restaurants.

I am looking for (1) Good Sushi-ya (2) Kaiseki (3) French/Fusion in that priority. I have limited days - 5 in Tokyo, 2 in Takayma, 2 in Kyoto and 3 in Osaka - so need to work around that.

What are peoples opinion? And which would you pick as no 1 in each city?


Looking for 1-2 Top sushi-ya.

First choice
Right up my list is Sushi Saito (But perhaps difficult to get booking?)

My 2nd choices would be
Sushi Harutaka - heard lots of good things
Sushi Yoshitake - mixed reviews?
Miyakouzushi - supposedly booked out 15 months in advance though?
Sushi Sawada - very good but overpriced for what it is?
Saito's apprentices unnamed joint - I love going to upcoming restaurants

My last choices
Jiro - read its overpriced and have to deal with grumpy jiro
mizutani - kind of like jiros
Tokami - good value but not as good as the others


Non sushiya's in Otkyo - Would like to go to 1 - maybe 2.

Joel Rubuchon - 3* - Very high standard - but perhaps not worth it because you can eat joel rubuchon anywhere in the world?

Quintessence - heard mixed reviews - price wise better than joel rubuchon and I guess only one in the world.

Ryugin - Best of the 'japanese' cuisine. Generally good reviews all round but does not feature as highly on tabelog as the above two.

Any good alternatives that are easy to book?


Takayama - Any recommendations here? Coulnd't really find anything on tabelog


Kaiseki in Kyoto - probably would only eat at 1 due to limited time

Top pick is Mizai - but called and was told booked out for 6 months

Kichisen - heard some mixed reviews, still features quite high on tabelog.

Sojiki Nakahigashi - Heard really good reviews, supposedly nearly as good as Mizai according to some tabelog reviewers? - wonders if I should pick this over kichisen?

Kitcho - Top notch all round - but the price really makes me want to wait until I can get booking for Mizai next time.



Did extensive research. Generally found that the quality is not on par with Tokyo (For french cuisine) or Kyoto (for Kaiseki). As such I haven't really wanted to go to any. For example Koryu (3*) has got some pretty scathing reviews even though it seems value for money.

Currently the only restaurant that I am considering is Fujiya 1935.

- Prefer stronger flavours as opposed to subtle (which may help decide kaiseki choice)
- The absolute quality of the food outweighs theatrics or experimentation (for e.g. would rate Fat duck lower than per se because dishes are not all perfect food quality wise).
- Being able to book relatively easily (I have japanese friend living in Japan who can call).

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