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Restaurant promo - rush right over?


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Restaurant promo - rush right over?

Estufarian | Oct 2, 2001 06:21 PM

Recently saw a promo for a fairly new restaurant on our local cable TV station. The following quotes came mainly from the owner of this expensive venture.

XXXX(name deleted) restaurant, described as the restaurant that's the 'future of dining and doesn't even have a sign outside'.
"What we tried to do was think about the future. Our focus here was to take only the good from the past, such as cuisine, ambience, service, and bring it to the future with the hope that one day it will be considered the norm and eventually considered old."
"You'll find a lot of very interesting things that you probably won't find (at) many other places. We tend such as bison, squab, as well as lamb, lobster and salmon as our mains. We try to do something non-traditional here as far as giving you something interesting to try. Our main objective is to have people rethink the way they dine. So we decided - go out and get things you really can't get anywhere else."

And, 'Their patented menu glows in the dark'.

Anybody want to rush out to this one?

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