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More Restaurant Noise

robgm | Apr 8, 200804:05 PM

busy restos tend to be noisy due to the conversations (your "quiet" conversation at your table multiplied by the number of patrons in the place really adds up). Plus the noise of the service and cooking in the kitchen and bussing of the tables. Add into this the music (to help drown out the ability to 'eavesdrop' on sometimes inane and sometimes interesting conversations. I, personally, like it noisy and bustling...if I want a quiet dining experience I can stay at home or to go higher end and less busy with softer surfaces to absorb sound rather than high volume places with harder surfaces that reflect sound. I know this is a big pet peeve with some people and that they want restos to adapt to them, but sometimes we need to adapt to restos or at least go to those place we like for who they are and not go to them expecting something different than what they are. I often hear the refrain that 'restaurant "a" would be great if they just did this or that...' but again, enjoy them for what they are or find another place that suits you. If the economics make sense-they will change-if it doesn't...they won't...

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