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What makes a restaurant "Kid Friendly"


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What makes a restaurant "Kid Friendly"

foodiex2 | May 15, 2006 11:50 AM

Recently I have noticed a lot of posts about people looking for "Kid Friendly" restaurants. Without the fail the answers appear to assume that kids are picky eaters who can't sit still and therefore the places suggested mostly are where the food isn't good but kids can run around, be loud, noisy and generally unruly.

I guess I just don't get it. When I pay for a meal I want the food to be GOOD and I want my son behave properly. If he can’t we don’t go.

I don’t want to eat dumbed down bad food just because I have a child and my son doesn’t want to be regulated to limited food choices-“kids menu”

Also-restaurants can be dangerous places and kids just shouldn't run around. Yes kids can be noisy but so can adults. I abhor places like Chuck Cheese, Applebee’s and the like because of the no holds barred attitude of parents. The food could be amazing in these places but I can't stand to see kids running around waiters with trays of hot food, kids playing video games (or worse watching a movie) at the table.

My feeling is that all restaurants are "kid friendly" if you keep your kids in check. That means: inside voices, no running/jumping, no noisy activities. It also means that parents need to determine the appropriate time to bring kids. My 4 1/2 year old’s bed time is 7:30. I would not bring him to any place past that time. And when we go to higher end, "occasion" type places we go even earlier. Hey if I paid for babysitter I know I would be pissed to show up at 9:00pm and be seated next to a table full of toddlers. Personally our favorite places tend to be “ethnic” since I find most of these places welcome children and don’t assume they will picky, rude or noisy. Kids (and parents!) are usually given the benefit of the doubt.

So those of you with kids- does the just idea of being able to go out make you compromise your love of good food to be in atmosphere where no one will care if the kids are noisy? Or do you instead choose places based on how delicious the food is and instead compromise on other things such as having to eat early, constantly carrying a bag of quiet activities or having to take your food to go when the kids can't sit still?

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