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Does a restaurant have to be innovative to be great?


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Does a restaurant have to be innovative to be great?

Renee | Feb 9, 2006 01:07 PM

I ask this because I've read some posts about "boring" food at high-priced restaurants, and that made me think. Some restaurants deemed to be, when originally opened, cutting edge, are considered boring now.

Why does this happen? Does a chef constantly have to reinvent the wheel everytime he/she walks into a kitchen? Can't they continue to do the original menu (or something similar) well? Or are some people's palates so jaded that what may be amazing to other people (maybe less exposed to that higher level of cuisine) is boring to them?

I'm not talking about service issues, or a decline in the quality of the ingredients. I'm talking about creativity, period.

I know this harkens back to rworange's post about food and deliciousness (in writing about OPLS), but I'm on a different tangent. I saw a post about the food at Aqua being "uninspired," whatever that meant. But really, to quote rworange, "Isn’t the bottom line ... does the food taste good?"


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