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restaurant holding your leftovers?


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restaurant holding your leftovers?

meg944 | Jun 1, 2009 07:38 AM

I am curious about something. I went out with a girlfriend on Saturday for a spa visit. We went to a restaurant first and had a leisurely lunch, then walked over to the spa next door. We ordered too much food and were too busy talking, so we ate less than half the food on the table. Most of it wouldn't keep well, but I asked the waitress if it would be possible for them to hold my leftover lobster ravioli dish for me for two hours while I was next door getting my nails done. She refused and said they weren't legally allowed to do that because I had already purchased the food. Now, this isn't something that comes up often (one of the few times when our cool NY weather 9 months of the year comes in handy) but I know that I have asked at restaurants a few times in the past (usually when going somewhere before a movie or play) and never encountered a problem. Anyone hear of this before? I am curious whether my expectations were too high or not. It certainly broke my heart a little to have them throw more than half a plate of lobster ravioli in the garbage.

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