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Restaurant Girl Howler of the Week

MC Slim JB | Feb 14, 200809:38 AM

It's tough to choose the single worst, clunkiest bit of prose from Danyelle Freeman's restaurant reviews for the NY Daily News each week. "Restaurant Girl" weaves together such an astonishing tapestry of stilted diction, uncertain tense, and dizzying malapropisms that identifying the most cringe-inducing passage is tricky.

Here's my nominee, from Tuesday's review of Bar Blanc:

"Even better, the homemade ravioli look like a store-bought sheet straight from a box. It's a deceptive maneuver with criminally delicious returns: Each doughy pocket gets plumped with a vivacious mix of four cheeses and spackled with a silky lettuce sauce."

I'm willing to be convinced that there are even more painful ones here: http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/...

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