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Restaurant-based cookbooks - do the recipes allow faithful duplication?


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Restaurant-based cookbooks - do the recipes allow faithful duplication?

SeoulQueen | Feb 14, 2010 08:35 AM

I bought a Korean cookbook a few years ago - it was suppose to be a compilation of signature recipes from LA restaurants famous for a particular dish. I tried 2 of the recipes and they were awful! Some of the recipes I didn't even bother attempting- a little further research showed they had left out ingredients essential to the dish. It made me wonder if the restaurants were loathe to actually give out their famous recipes? In which case, why bother with a cookbook?

So now I have the momofuku cookbook and again, I am slightly suspicious at the simplicity of some of the recipes. When I consider how delicious their pork buns are, I find it hard to believe the pork belly is only cooked with sugar and salt and that the sauce is nothing more than hoisin sauce. Still, I'm willing to give the cookbook a try and am making their famous bo ssam for my husband today as a V-day gift. It's already in the oven, roasting away.. fingers crossed!

I normally don't buy restaurant-based cookbooks so for those of you who cook from restaurant-based cookbooks, how did the recipes fare? Did the cookbook version allow you to replicate the dish you ate at the restaurant? Or did it turn out to be a completely different dish?

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