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Who is responsible?

rworange | Jan 6, 201205:09 PM

Here's the situation

Fish caught by company located in Oregon
Fish processed in China
Fish sold in Los Angeles

From this link

"Fish looks good frozen in the plastic, however upon defrosting and cooking/grilling :
the flavor is disappointing, not fresh or good tasting. This is not Grade A salmon.
Not sure what the problem is, maybe too much defrosting and freezing/not fresh.
Whatever liquid ? is being injected into the fish....to increase the weight"

While I initially thought it is the ultimate responsibility of the last seller, I'm wondering.

The poster contacted the company in Oregon without a response.

My gut reaction was 'Why?"

A million things could have happened to that fish in that long journey.

However, if a head of lettuce or a cantelope makes people sick, it it the responsibility of the farm.

This is a bit different, as it is just a poor quality product. If it is inedible, who should be held responsible?

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