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So, what is the appropriate response to "Ewww!!!" anyway?


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Not About Food 57

So, what is the appropriate response to "Ewww!!!" anyway?

Katie Nell | Jun 20, 2006 02:04 PM

So... an acquaintance at work comes over to ask me to go out to lunch...

Me: "Oh, I brought my lunch today."
Her: "Oh, really, what did you bring?"
Me: "Salmon and..."
Her: (Quickly interrupts) "Ewwww!!!! Sick!!!!"
Me: "Salmon from leftovers last night and salad."
Her: (Shuttering and walking away) "Ewwww!!!"

What would you have said? Is there an appropriate response? Or is the appropriate response just to keep your mouth shut like I did? When it actuality, the next time she waxes poetic about how much she loves Carrabba's, I'll want to say "Ewww!!!" (But, I probably won't!)

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