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Don't see response added - Netscape only

Will Owen | Jun 8, 2008 05:07 PM

For the past few weeks, whenever I respond to a thread and hit the ADD button, instead of the response being dropped into its place on the screen after a few seconds, it just sits there in the box while the little whirligig spins. This is in Netscape 7, which I'll admit is ancient, but my Mac options are limited. I have noticed that this does not happen in Safari...so I guess since my email is all Netscape-based I'll have to quit trying to do everything with one browser. I just wonder why this problem should start occurring all of a sudden, after several years of perfect - OK, adequate - behavior.

I should add that the topics do get added anyway - I just have to leave that page and wait a bit, and eventually it shows up on the thread. I just now noticed, in addition, that sending and saving a new thread still works the same onscreen as it always has.

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