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Please help resolve this difference of opinion- raw ground turkey (not frozen) left on counter for hours still ok if cooked?

novicecrafter0608 | Jan 1, 201005:43 PM

My boyfriend and I have differing views on food safety. There is one thing in particular we disagree on but I will admit I do not have the "science" to back up my opinion. Me saying "I don't know why you are wrong but you are!" is not exactly iron clad proof. I would love your thoughts on this and by all means if I am wrong I'm wrong=)

Wonderful boyfriend in question enjoys cooking sometimes. He will buy raw ground turkey (not frozen) and leave it on the counter at room temperature for hours. Even overnight once. His logic behind it is that "wont cooking kill anything anyways". His worst offense was trying to cook it after it was left out all night and then left in fridge (still uncooked) for over almost 2 weeks. He was finally persuaded by the fact that the expiration date was 10 days passed.

I tried to answer with some sort of "well its a numbers thing" but when it comes down to it my common sense is whats screaming at me not to and I do not have an actual answer. I have eaten his food without getting sick plenty of times and it has lots of spice to it (yum) is that a factor?


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