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Won't take a reservation for two?


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Won't take a reservation for two?

ziggylu | Aug 31, 2007 09:38 PM

We thought we'd try a local Italian place this evening. We've been there before with friends, with reservations, but never by ourselves. We know it gets pretty busy so thought we'd make a reservation. It's not a fancy place or upscale....just a popular little italian restaurant.

So I call around one picks up the phone so I leave a message requesting a table for two at 6:30 and asking for a call back to confirm if this can be accomodated.

Around 4:30 I call back as I haven't heard back and figure by now someone will be picking up the phones. I get the owner...she says there's no reservation for us on the book. I explain I'd left a message earlier in the day and was calling to confirm"Oh well, a message I see" I'm still not sure if they ever picked my message up!

Anyway, she asks how many and what time. When I answer she tells me they wont' make a reservation for less than 4. I was surprised! I've never run across this. I've heard of reservations only for large parties(ie we're in Phoenix and the now famous Pizzeria Bianco requires 8 for reservations) but refusing to reserve for a two top and having a minimum of four?

we decide to go ahead and try to walk in since the food was good the time we'd been before and figured we might be ahead of the evening rush...we got there and were told a 25 minute wait. We weren't in any hurry and thought we'd sit at the bar and wait and started to pull out a couple chairs(the bar is right next to the door) and were told that they were taken by people "who were going to be sitting there" Apparently they weren't there yet though?

There was nowhere comfortable to wait(it's a small place with the bar on top of the door as well as a few tables) so we left and went somewhere else...had a fine dinner and enjoyed our evening in the end.

Just wondering if this is a fairly normal practice? we've never come across it anywhere - upscale or midscale. No reservations yes, but no reservations for small tables only?

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