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Requests for starting new boards

rworange | Feb 26, 2012 01:26 PM

There have been a number of posts recently about new boards such as a lifestyle board

Then someone wants baking separate from home cooking.

I thought this would be a nice catch all for people's ideas on new boards and I have a request as well.

I think it would be a good idea to split the General Board into two
- Chow Chat
- Food finds and facts

Right now the GB is just drowned in posts along the lines of "my favorite lunch in grade school".

They attract traffic, but detract from useful info. If this happened on a Chow Chat board, people could have their fun socializing. Even allow memory lane posts which are currently deleted "Did you love Quisp cereal?" type of thing.

Food finds would include stuff like the best yogurt, Christmas fruitcake, chocolate,etc. Other topics like "What is korean food, how do you eat balut, etc. These are getting suffucated by the chat heavy threads.

One comment about splitting boards. It dilutes conversation. The problem with the wine, spirits and beer boards that once were on the General Board is I just don't have enough interest to check them out alot. I learned more when they were on the GB.

So I also prpose more prominance for Hot Posts (unread threads). That lets people easily scan multiple boards and get involved in topics they never though they would have interest in. I know that Hot Posts hooked me on Chowhound. Here it is for those unaware of it

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