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Reprofile Dexter-Russell Chinese chef's knife

Chemicalkinetics | Jan 30, 201007:20 PM

To friends (you know who you are),

Here is my report (not a question). I have ordered two Chan Chi Kee (CCK) KF1303 small slicers: one for myself and one for a friend. I am looking forward.

Meanwhile, I reprofiled my Dexter-Russell Chinese chef's knife and updated my experience here. Previously, I put a compound edge with a 15o back bevel and 20o primary bevel. Today, I put a 10o back bevel and a 20o primary bevel. The 10o back bevel is very wide on the blade. I have a DMT diamond fine stone and it took a long while (>1hour) to establish that 10o back bevel, but I did it and felt the burr and everything. I will get a diamond coarse stone in the future for this. I then put the 20o primary bevel and the knife cut much nicer than before, especially great for cutting food horizontal, parallel to the cutting board. The thinner blade allows the knife to slide in the foods within pushing them around. Technically, the real cutting edge is still 20o as before, but the 10o back bevel makes the knife easier to slide in foods without creating a huge resistance, especially for larger items.

The two things to add are: (1) It was more difficult to hold at 10o. There are a lot of scratches on the blade which indicate that I was not holding the angle very steady. (2) More seriously, the edge has been weakened. 30 minutes ago, I noticed there was a dent at the tip of the edge. It literally bent toward one side. This happened from one cooking session. This knife previously has never dented like this with rougher treatment. I have smoothed it out just now. I think in the future, I can keep the tip and the heel at a larger angle and the rest smaller.

Another note: I tried to use a cheap $2-5 oilstone to sharpen my Dexter-Russell. It does not seem to help.

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