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Reporting back: How was that Sam's frozen shrimp?


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Reporting back: How was that Sam's frozen shrimp?

danna | May 11, 2005 11:32 AM

It sucked. You could eat it, but that's about all you can say. Water-y and flavorless. At least the texture wasn't terrible, neither mushy nor rubbery. I give my Mom credit for not overcooking them. Of course the guests all seemed to like them, and there were fewer leftovers of shrimp than anything else(10 lbs of shrimp($100) for 42 people.) Go figure.

I think this might be how restaurants ease their way into mediocrity. God knows it was easy to dump pre-shucked, pre-deveined shrimp into boiling water. And since the vocal majority of guests seemed to like them, would I spent an hour prepping shrimp and making a special trip to the fishmonger on the day of the party to get them (instead of stashing them in the freezer for a week as my Mom did)? Can't really say...I was awfully tired and pushed for time as it was...

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