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report on french seven hour leg of . . . goat


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report on french seven hour leg of . . . goat

jen | Jul 13, 2004 04:37 PM

We've made the seven hour leg of lamb recipe and were a bit disapointed with the results---in our humble opinion, it turned the lamb into pot roast and didn't really taste like lamb. All in all not worth the time or the price of the lamb.

My speculation has always been that the recipe was designed for older things than modern lamb. The recipe intrigues me so I've been looking for either an older sheep or some goat to try it again. Well, we found the goat first and tried it this weekend. We used the recipe in Patrica Wells' Bistro french cookbook. [why yes, I am in a "lets cook french from Patrica wells sort of mood, how did you guess?] Other than changing the lamb to goat, we pretty much adhered to the recipe.

Short answer: YUM! It really turned out well. The two adults both thought goat worked much better than the lamb---while it was sort of like pot roast, it was more flavorful. The chowpups just chomped down without comment except that it was good and could they have some more. One caveat: the goat really takes seven hours. When we did the recipe with lamb, it was done in about 4-5 hours but the goat took the full seven. In fact, the goat took so long, it missed Sunday dinner and had to be saved for Monday [we substituted pasta ala checca with some yummy tomatos].

I look forward to the leftovers tonight.

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