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Report from eating with friends visiting from out of town


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Report from eating with friends visiting from out of town

sheitoon | Dec 3, 2007 12:10 PM

I am new to Seattle, and just had some out of town guests (from Boston, NYC and Denver). I was very excited to show off my new city, so I thought I'd review some of our wonderful meals and the AWESOME food tour of Pike Place!

1. Salumi. My 3rd time going, and I finally got something I loved! I have now realized that I should just go for the hot sandwiches. Of course, my not being a huge cured meats fan influences my thoughts. Then again, my biggest complaint was that I don't appreciate the bread to meat ratio in the cured meats options. We got there at 10:50am on Fri and were only 2nd in line. Two of us got the hot lamb sandwich and said they loved it! I shared the cinnamon pork butt special - wow! We also got a meat and cheese plate, so we could try everything Salumi has to offer. All very yummy, and I love how friendly they are despite being so busy!

2. Elliott's - I just don't love their oysters (at least during happy hour). I actually added salt to my oyster, as I need more of a sea taste. It was chef's choice, so maybe it was fresh water?? But it's a killer view, especially with the sun setting in the background.

3. The Chapel Bar (happy hour)... got their hummus plate and I really liked it. The chopped up olives are my favorite part! I've also had their praline bacon in the past and thought it was pretty good, though not fantastic. I would maybe order it again, if I was there with someone new just so they could try it out. FYI, their blackhaus martini tastes way too alcohol-y, but I LOVE the cucumber martini!!

4. Quinn's. The oxtail is incredible, although it could perhaps be a bit bigger of a portion. The burgers are cooked to perfection. I had a simple green salad, and I couldn't believe how good the dressing was!! The chocolate brioche was apparently not at all yummy, and it took forever to come. We had to ask for it twice. The herbed fries don't taste all that herbed - just a hint of rosemary and you have to look for it. The halibut salad (was that what it was?) was also really good. Everyone was very happy with their dishes, except for the brioche. I've been to Quinn's 3 times now, and I have to add it to my list of favorite restaurants so far!

1. Savor Seattle Tour. AWESOME. We got to try some really great things, along with learning some of the market's history. We were lucky and had the owner, Angela, as our tour guide. She was fabulous! My favorite stops were Etta's for their triple coconut cream pie, and this cheesecake place in the market. I didn't love the cheesecake but the hot chocolate is TO DIE FOR. Go get some now. The tour ends at a wine co-op.

2. Matt's in the Market. Really enjoyed this meal, although some of the dishes were a little too spicy. I got the simple green salad to start with - really nice way to start. My friends got the special roasted eggplant soup, really nice texture and good blend of the tomato and eggplant flavors. I got the oyster sandwich with the chipotle mayo - yummy! My husband got the paella and it was really very good. The rest got the tuna sandwich (he found the peppers to be overwhelming and way too much on it), the eggplant and pesto sandwich (she really liked it) and I can't remember the last one. My bad. All was good.

3. I don't remember its name, but behind Hana Sushi in Capitol Hill (on Broadway) there is a little Korean place. It was so cheap and good! I think our waitress was also the owner and she was really very nice and friendly. We had a great time there, and I will definitely be going back. I live in Capitol Hill and was delighted for the find. Thank you Pho Cyclo for closing early!!! Most of us got the bi bim bop in a hot pot (delicious and perfect with the weather!), and one got the spicy chicken bugolgi. The chicken was very good (and wonderfully spicy!). We also got job chae that was good. Not the best I've ever had, but I'm going back for it! oh, and you really felt like the gyoza was homemade here. Great prices.

We stayed in and made brunch, so not too much to report here. These last two I went with my husband and the one person who had a much later flight than the others. I'm happy we got this opportunity.

1. Sichuanese Chinese in the ID. We loved the food we got here, and again very reasonable prices. We got the mongolian beef and the chicken in black bean sauce. Both were very good - tender and flavorful sauces. The dumplings were good, although my husband found them a bit disappointing - he's been to China, I haven't (yet). The pork fried rice was very good, and it seemed much more authentic than some of the stuff you see at other places (with the cubed red pork). The hot and sour soup was more like a blend of eggdrop soup and hot and sour soup. Once I got used to that concept, I liked it. Other people there were having hot pot options, which was very tempting. We'll definitely go back there. It was $35 for 3 of us, and we definitely got a lot of food! It'll be my lunch today and tomorrow - looking forward to it!

2. I just have to throw in that I also took her to Uwajimaya, as we were close. I love this grocery store... very much a foodie heaven. The produce section is SO fun to walk through!!

3. Black Bottle for a glass of wine. I like that they have a number of wine selections. Had a good pinot noir, and my friend had a nice Malbec/Shiraz blend. Just throwing it out there, because we went.


(p.s. We did do other things besides just eating! ;p)

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