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Report : eating and coffee in the city


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Report : eating and coffee in the city

Rm33 | Jun 22, 2008 02:37 PM

I met up with a friend and have some nice food vignettes as memories. Disclaimer: he's from Milan so we stayed away from any Italian food or anything he eats regularly there, and we actually ate a lot less than we should have since we hadn't seen each other in years and were talking a lot.
Our thoughts:

Blue Bottle Cafe @ Mint Plaza
A big Thank You to scarmoza who recommended this cafe. We loved this place. We both ate the
gem (?) salad with poached eggs for brunch, which was delish. I drank some of the best organic coffee ever. We stayed for hours, and I drank so many lattes that my friend was a bit in awe of my indulgence. I could have stayed there all day and been perfectly happy, except for the stools maybe.

La Boulange @ 500 Hayes street
A local hooked us up and we were again quite pleased. The environment was aesthetically pleasing and the service was exceptional. It was a great neighborhood place that I wished was in my neighborhood at home. The organic cafe au laits came in nice, red and white bowls and were excellent. I ate a vegetarian croissant that had pine nuts and was perfectly yummy. The salad was reported to be very good by our neighbors too. Everything looked good and had I more time I would have tried more things. All breads were made from organic flour, for those of you who care. A great organic coffee place.

Mo's @ 1322 Grant Street
The guy at City Lights said NOT to eat any food at either Mexican place nearby and since we weren't feeling like Chinese, which is what we had last time we met up in SF and were book shopping, and Italian was out, we went to Mo's gourmet burgers per his suggestion.
He had the Best Burger and was very happy with it. I had the cheeseburger and it was very good too. We both thought the fries were just ok. The real star of the show was the burgers. They were very fresh, just like the clerk said they would be. And big too. The service was friendly, but there was no coffee so I drank a coke. This meal was the antithesis of what I usually eat since I always drink coffee, mostly eat organic, and hardly ever eat red meat. That being said, I would definitely eat here again.

Cafe de la Presse @ 352 Grant
Breakfast here was ok. Standouts were the croissant and hot chocolate. I had an egg breakfast and it was ok and thought I should have just stuck with the croissant and drinks. I got mixed feedback on this place and have eaten here over the years when in town. Its a nice location, ambiance is nice too, service this time was fair, and it was good as it was to be expected. Another friend of mine loves it ,but with the aforementioned cafe at Mint Plaza open, I'd rather go there.

Thanks again for responding to my original post.

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