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Report from our Brazil adventure

Belkisw | Jan 30, 202009:46 AM    

We are back from an incredible 2 week trip across Brazil, and I thought worth writing up our meals since there isn’t much on Chowhound by way of Brazil recommendations.


Banana da terra – this is a lovely space, and much nicer than the other spots in town in terms of vibe. The food was ok, but the stand outs were the palm heart pastries, and the banana pie which was heavenly. And they made a mean classic caipirinha.

Hiltinho – this restaurant is on island, and gets its foot traffic from people who rent boats for the day. It is beautiful but horrifically over-priced, and the food is not good. I strongly recommend passing by for a drink and moving on.


Lasai – there were two dishes on the menu that were great, that didn’t taste distinctly Brazilian. The rest of the dishes were rather unexciting and made me thing that I just don’t like Brazilian food? So glad that I was proven wrong by the meal the next night. Good technique but I really didn’t get much out of this mean. We sat at the ‘kitchen table’ and they served us way too fast. When we asked them to slow down, the head chef said “we normally serve our dishes super-fast”... The wine pairing made no particular sense, though both cocktails they brought as part of the pairing were very nice, though didn’t have much relationship to the food.

Oro – WOW, this was an incredible meal. Every bite was perfect, there is not a since thing I could critique. The wine pairing was lovely too. Knocked it out of the park in a way that stands out even among the worlds top restaurants. It is the most elegant and sophisciated ode to Brazilian cuisine.

Bb lanches – this is where you get the real Acai, and my favourite juice they do is the green grape and coco water mix.

Tapi tapioca – excellent for a quick bite, and the quality of the tapiocas are great.

Plage cafe in Parque Large – LONG lines, beautiful spot, but food isn't anything special. But funnily, the line to take a photo there is even longer than to be seated.

Aprazível – the view is lovely, their caipirinas are great and they even have one with cachaça de jambu, which numbs your mouth and is an experience I would recommend. Only place in Brazil that we found it. The grilled palm hearts, which is a large portion FYI, were utterly divine. The view, food and drink make this a wonderful lunch spot.

Bazzar – we had a light lunch here and it was lovely. Great sashimi, very Brazilian flavors but light and delicate.

Oka vista – don’t miss this little hut for a drink after a day on the beach, to see sunset.

Mama Bahia – the moqueca here was out of this world heavenly, by far the best we had on the trip, and on the trip I think we had a dozen different moquecas.

Amado – nice location and space, but the food wasn’t exceptional in any way.

Lencois (Chapada Diamantina):
Restaurante Cozinha Aberta – even though they didn’t have half the menu the night we went, the dish I had, the Brazilian plate, was kick ass- one of the best meals I had on our trip.

Lampião Culinária Nordestina – this place was not great, the steak was overcooked, the pork dry, and the vegan moqueca unexciting.

The restaurant in the Hotel Canto das Águas – excellent steak, really really stellar.


Capim Santo – the space is lovely and food was good, though not amazing.

Silvana & Cia – the moqueca, the main reason to come here, was good, but not exceptional.

O Cacau - yummy, and the caju caipirinha is something I still dream about.

Fernando de Noronha:

Mergulhão Noronha – great view for sunset, and if you ask the waiter for whatever is the freshest seafood they have that day, you are bound to have a good meal.

Maravilha restaurant – the view is lovely as long as the sun is still up, and service is wonderful, but the food is just yummy in my view, nothing more. Still worth coming, even if just for an afternoon drink to admire the view.

Teju-Açu – this place is mosquito infested and the restaurant isn’t the most charming space, but their ceviche is delicious, as are their salads. Very solid kitchen all in all.

Pousada do Zé Maria – if you book in advance you can get a spot at the huge food festival they hold on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is a lot of fun, though a long evening, and tons of food. But yummy and not to be missed if you can swing it.

Açai e Raizes – the Acai with tapioca ice cream is a delicious snack, especially with some banana in there

Bar do Meio Noronha – lovely for sunset drinks.

Restaurante Banana da Terra
Restaurante do Hiltinho - Ilha Do Algodão, Paraty
Lasai Restaurante
BB Lanches
Tapí Tapioca
Plage Café
OKA Vista
Mama Bahía
Restaurante Cozinha Aberta
Lampião Culinária Nordestina
Capim Santo Trancoso - Pousada e Restaurante
Silvana e Cia
O Cacau
Mergulhão Noronha
Açai e Raizes
Bar do Meio Noronha
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