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Replies only from born/raised NY/NJ people, please!


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Replies only from born/raised NY/NJ people, please!

Mr. Taster | Apr 6, 2005 02:14 PM

The post below about Italian American places stirred my curiousity. I know this will most likely be a near impossible request because everyone on CH is so opinionated and likes to chime in. That's part of what makes this board great. But... let's try a little chowciological experiment.

As a public service to all "back east" chowhounds, I am requesting that ONLY BORN & RAISED EXPAT NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY PEOPLE REPLY TO THIS POST.

Please no Rhode Islanders. No Connecticut people who commute to NYC. No "I lived in New York for 10 years when I was a kid" or "My grandmother lives in a hotel in Hoboken" or "I visit there often for business."

There's something about the consciousness of the born & bred "back east" person, when you're raised as a babe on bad (but great) Chinese food (where chicken chow mein has not a single noodle). Excellent bagels available even at the supermarket, somehow. Great pizza available at every strip mall and 24 inch pies for $6.00.

My top "back east" picks

Larchmont Village, Mulberry Street, Lamonicas, (sadly) Vito's

Really hard one... all I've found is genghis cohen, for the back-east egg rolls. But they're pretty wretched by comparison, but the closest I've found... god I miss those egg rolls

So hard... maybe The Capri in Eage Rock.

The Bagel Broker, Western Bagel

So... let's hear it from you truly authentic "back east" hounds.... your best "back east" picks of LA, even if after years in LA other people (or perhaps even your own evolving culinary palate) have now convinced you that they are awful.

Oh, and please provide your "back east" credentials!

Mr. Taster
Back East credentials:
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
Born 1974, Paul Kimball Hospital
(now Kimball Medical Center)
Lakewood High School, co 1992
"Home of the Piners"

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