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How can I replicate unknown recipe for "The Ultimate Cookie"?


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How can I replicate unknown recipe for "The Ultimate Cookie"?

Owen O'Neill | May 21, 2002 06:52 AM

This has been posted in the Cooking section of but no replies thus far - I'm hoping someone here can draw on their baking experience and advise...

In the early 90's I lived in Ithaca NY and loved a dessert they had at Cafe Decadence (also home of Finger Lakes Roasters, who had an amazingly good French Roast they sold by the pound). It was called "The Ultimate Cookie" and went something like this...

Brown sugar, butter and rolled oats serve as bottom crust in a brownie pan. Then a layer of something that was equivalent to chocolate cheesecake and then on top of that a layer of chocolate truffle (or something similar to it). It was cut in triangular serving portions and had to be kept refrigerated before serving. Cafe Decadence is long since out of business and by chance I was visiting Ithaca last year and in the Home Dairy (on the Commons - their sticky buns are to die for - haven't had them in years but they were the best I've ever had anywhere). They had desserts in the display case and I got to reminiscing with the counterman about the Ultimate Cookie. He brought out their baker, who had once worked at Cafe Decadence. She recalled the dessert but wasn't the one who made it and said that if she could get the recipe it would only be for huge batches. I have tried making this myself but couldn't get the right consistency - I generally found it to be a bit too soft, especially the top layer and also the crust. Theirs had a firmness to the crust and the layers that gave it a quality and texture somewhere in between a brownie, cake and firm quality fudge (the good homemade stuff - not the commercial dreck). It's soooo pricey to experiment with these ingredients and my waistline can't afford to eat the mistakes. Suggestions anyone? Knowing the overall idea can any of you offer ideas on how I might replicate this item, most specifically to get a reasonably firm texture? I tried it a few times and got the overall taste correct but the texture of the crust and the two layers was off - crust lacked that hint of crunch and again... not firm enough.

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