Need to replace a 30" induction cooktop, unexpectedly.


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Need to replace a 30" induction cooktop, unexpectedly.

Buckethead | Jun 26, 2013 01:42 PM

I remodeled our kitchen in 2007 and installed a Kenmore Elite 30" induction cooktop (made by Electrolux). This morning, after turning it on, I heard a loud 'pop' sound and am getting error code 35, which after some internet research looks like an expensive problem to fix, and probably not the last thing that will need fixing.

So, I'm looking at potentially replacing it with a different model from a different manufacturer (NOT a Kenmore or Electrolux, or any Electrolux rebadge like Frigidaire). While normally I'd take my time and compare models, manufacturers, etc. for weeks online, the unexpected death of our current cooktop kinda means we need a replacement sooner rather than later, so I'm jump-starting my search by asking you all.

Ideally, I'd like a 30" cooktop that:

- Fits in the hole I already have cut in my nice counter! I suspect most 30" wide models will be OK, I guess I'll have to download a PDF of the installation instructions before I click "Buy" to make sure.
- Is from a manufacturer known for longevity. I don't know who this might be in the induction cooktop category, but if you have one you've been using for a decade, let me know who made it. Conversely, if you've had one that quit a week after the warranty expired, let me know.
- Has lots of heat settings. The Kenmore has 16 per burner, I think, the lowest setting was low enough to melt chocolate without a double boiler.
- Air vents that vent below the countertop surface, rather than above it. the Kenmore sits up 1/4 - 1/2 inch from the countertop, with the vent openings along the front and back, I've always lived in fear of spilling a giant pot of stock or something into them. I believe some models have vents that lead to under the counter.

Any suggestions?

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