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Rent-a-shochet for organic kosher meat in Pacific Northwest???

Betsy Hoffmeister | Nov 23, 200412:46 AM

A great debate is transpiring in my corner of the Pacific Northwest, between the kosher keeping folks, the organic eating folks, and the folks like me who want to do both. In our house we buy almost exclusively kosher organic foods -- milk, beans, tomato sauce etc are all available in that format. The only kosher meat available is the standard fare at the grocery store. Occasionally one can find kosher organic chicken imported from New Jersey to Whole Foods -- that's along trip for a little chicken. And bloody expensive too. We have a long standing debate with the local rabbinate about wouldn't it be nice to find a shochet who would slaughter for individuals? It's a tough one. What it's come down to is, I've got the organic meat farmer, I've got a huge freezer, and I've got a number of friends who would be thrilled to go in on a cow, lamb, and chicken and turkey. We just need the shochet. Does anyone have any advice? Are there any shochets who would make an all expenses paid trip to the NW -- a throwback to the circuit riding days? Please help -- this debate has gone on for four years!!

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