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Reno: More authentic Chinese food at 101 Taiwanese Cuisine

SteveTimko | Mar 25, 2012 02:46 AM

Wow, Reno now has a second restaurant with mostly authentic Chinese food. I don't know if this is proof the Mayans were right, that the end times are near.
101 Taiwanese Cuisine opened in a strip mall on Fifth Street just east of Ralston Street. It's the same strip mall that has a Starbucks, a Subway and a sushi place. My food here was excellent and I look forward to exploring many of the items on the menu. It joins 168 Café as offering a menu full of authentic items instead of just a smattering of dishes among the sweet-and-sour pork and General’s chicken.
I ordered the braised beef noodle soup, the shrimp roll and a melon smoothie.
The restaurant won me over with the first bite out of the shrimp roll. Fresh shrimp taste. In so many places the shrimp has no flavor and serves as a vehicle to deliver other flavors, like deep-fried fattiness. This shrimp roll had some nice delicate flavors. The sweet-and-sour sauce has a different take, too. First off, it's Day-Glo orange. The sour part has a different tang to it. It was interesting and I liked it.
The soup was also pretty good, too. The chunks of beef looked black, like dark chocolate. They tasted nice and there were plenty of them. There were peppers but it wasn't that spicy. Nothing like the great spicy soup at Jia's Wok. I wonder if there are options to give it more zing. Maybe I got the gringo version. The noodles are egg noodles and were tasty as well. I think egg noodles do better with this dish than rice noodles.
It looks like my melon smoothie was premade. It was still okay.
There are lots of other things on the menu that look interesting. I don't think I've seen dan dan noodles on a Reno restaurant menu before. They have stinky tofu on the menu. I've tried that once before, with Yimster of the San Francisco board at a place on the peninsula. I think all foodies should try it. At the end of their meals. But once was enough for me.
This restaurant is operated by the guy who was (maybe still is) chef at the Dynasty restaurant near Keystone and Booth streets. I'm glad he decided to open something with authentic food instead of another sweet-and-sour chicken joint. Hopefully, Reno's dining community will embrace the difference and support the place.
101 Taiwanese Cuisine
400 W 5th St
Ste 104
Reno, NV 89503
(775) 657-6144

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