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Just rendered my own lard ... now a few questions.


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Just rendered my own lard ... now a few questions.

ipsedixit | Aug 25, 2009 10:22 AM

I finally got around to rendering my own lard, and actually made the most glorious peach pie last night, but I digress.

Being a novice, I have a few questions:

1. Stovetop or oven? I used the stovetop method to render the lard. I know some people are devotees of using the oven. To those who have used both, which is better? More importantly, are there significant differences?

2. Dry versus wet? Do you add water? Again, what's the difference between the two methods?

3. Pork v.___? I obviously used pork fat, but has anyone rendered lamb or duck fat? I know I can render beef fat to make beef tallow, which I might just do to whip up some mince meat pie, but what about lamb or duck?

4. Lastly, any good or inventive suggestions for using the leftover cracklings? I think I'm going to add some to my next batch of cornbread (just picked up some late season corn ...)

Thanks everyone.

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