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Remy Olivier enameled cast iron

HalifaxJ | Dec 26, 2009 03:08 PM

My mom knows how much I love enameled cast iron, and she bought me a Remy Olivier 6.6L Oval DO for Christmas. I already have a 5 quart Staub Cocotte.

I'm not sure about Remy Olivier as I've never heard of it. The enamel interior looks like Le Creuset - smooth glossy cream colour - and the lid has the "basting spikes" like a Staub - all in all in seems to be of decent quality, but I can't find ANY information online about the company.

It was purchased at Stokes, a kitchen store in Canada, and I think it's manufactured by another company for Stokes.

Does anyone know anything about Remy Olivier cast iron?

Some LC and Staubs are on sale for a bit more, and I'm considering returning the Remy Olivier and paying the extra for the Staub, or maybe LC.


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