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Would you consider removing spoilers from Top Chef podcast episode titles?

Howard Shawl | May 9, 200812:00 AM

Hi, folks. I love and subscribe to Chow's Top Chef loser debrief podcast, but I have a small problem with it. I Tivo new episodes of Top Chef and don't watch it the night it airs, due to scheduling conflicts. However when each new episode of Chow's Top Chef podcast arrives in iTunes, the name of that week's loser is right in the title of the podcast and I can't avoid seeing it when I see what files are being downloaded. This ruins the show when I get to sit down and watch it, because I already know who lost. I was wondering if you could take the name of the loser out of the episode title of your Top Chef podcasts, so this doesn't happen?

I realize I'm in the minority due to my having to wait to watch Top Chef until Friday (after your podcast is sent out to iTunes), but I may not be the only one. Thanks for considering this request, as I've had the outcome of three episodes so far "spoiled" due to this small problem.

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