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What's the best way to remove rosemary leaves from the stem?

KarieL | Jan 31, 201401:33 PM

I asked this question today and basically everyone said the same thing - you just have to grit your teeth and run your fingers along the stem in the 'opposite growth direction'. Well - I did find out one thing that helps - wear surgical gloves!!! Not only does it stop your fingers from becoming stained if you are preparing a big batch of seasoning, but the latex clings to the leaves and makes it easier and a LITTLE faster!!! One member suggested freezing the rosemary and then just shaking the frozen leaves off, but I thought that might affect the colour? This way I combined the nice green leaves with fresh chives chopped finely, a little salt, some hot peppers chopped and some crushed garlic. This mixture keeps in the fridge for ages, and is so good when seasoning chicken, fish or pork!

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