Remodeling kitchen - worth getting both teppanyaki and grill?

Belkisw | Jan 17, 201909:36 AM     14

We are redoing our kitchen (my first time ever doing this) and have the option of getting both a teppanyaki and a grill, along side our 4-hob stove. Our place is in Spain, and we don't have a balcony, so the idea of being able to grill is really nice. But the question I have is whether there is really a benefit to getting both the grill and the teppanyaki, as I assume everything I could put on the grill I could also put on the teppanyaki. I need advice from those of you who have such items, since I am really not used to cooking on either so am not sure of the pros and cons of each individually. Would cooking a steak say on the kind of grill we would get be much better than if I prepared it on the teppanyaki?

Here is the link to the specific grill and teppantaki we would get, and their descriptions below:

It is electrically operated, with lava stone, and absorbs fats and gases. The heating element is placed under the grid in order to avoid the gases formation due to contact between this element and cooking liquids. The quality is comparable to traditional cooking made on an outside grill.

Electric stainless steel hotplate with a 6 mm thickness on which you can cook meat, fish and vegetables without seasoning. The two cooking zones can be used individually or together without mixing the flavours of the different dishes. It is equipped with a thermostat and is cleaned with sparkling water and washing-up detergent using a steel brush.

Any advice from cooks on this matter would really help me make up my mind. Thanks!

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