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Remember "Zhen" brand knives?


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Remember "Zhen" brand knives?

Chemicalkinetics | Nov 1, 2012 09:27 PM

For us who are into Japanese kitchen knives, we know VG-10 steel well. It is probably the best known high quality Japanese steel, which Shun (KAI) brand uses for most of its lines.

A few of us were looking for good quality VG-10 steel knives on the internet, and we have discovered many. Of particular, the Rader Kitchen Knives caught my eyes a few times, and discussed a few times here with curious but lukewarm attitude. It is an Ebay store which sells many VG-10 knives made in Taiwan at moderately inexpensive prices. (It also sells other steels like 440C...etc)

I just noticed that its knives (VG-10 as well as other steels) are being sold on Amazon now, so I guess it is trying to expand its market.

Here is a 8" VG-10 for $52 (free shipping):

I am not really recommending these knives, since I don't know much. I just thought this information may be useful for others, and a good ride in the memory lane for a few of us.

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