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Does anyone remember the name of THIS cookie (new)


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Does anyone remember the name of THIS cookie (new)

Florida Hound | Feb 23, 2013 12:32 PM

(I admit that I was inspired by a recent thread where a fellow Chowhound re-discovered info on a discontinued Nabisco cookie.)

I have searched many bakeries for what I think was a popular bakery cookie back in the day (New York area), maybe similar in some ways to "Black & White" cookies- the icing was a solid pink though, and hardened a little bit to a shell consistency. I can't remember if the flavor was straight sugar cookie or a little bit of a ginger or anise to it. I mainly remember that shell pink top. And if I knew what it was called, I could probably order some on-line from the last bakery out there somewhere that still makes them. Thanks,
Florida Hound

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