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Relining an old Copper pot with worn nickel lining

gestur | Jan 1, 2012 11:13 AM

I have several related questions about getting a copper pot of mine re-lined. First of all, it’s a very well made French piece, a small .75 qt. sauce pan that I’m 99% sure has a nickel lining and I think 2.5 mm or maybe even 3 mm of copper and a nice iron handle. [The sucker’s really heavy for so small a pot.] I’ve had this pot for over 30 years and I’ve used it probably more than any other since it’s perfect for making a small tomato sauce with olive oil, fresh tomatoes and a bit o’ basil. I’ve taken excellent care of it, but I think from the sheer amount of use I’ve given it that a small area has developed, less than a quarter in size I’d say, where the copper is showing. [I have a second much larger copper sauce pan also nickel lined and that pot has kept its nickel lining perfectly.] That’s the background. First question: I’ve seen no evidence online that any used copper pot with nickel lining can be re-lined with nickel, and I’m guessing it’s because the process is just too complicated technically. So, is it advisable to have it re-tinned instead? Second question, and assuming the first is yes: Apparently there are two distinct methods for re-tinning: the more tradition method in which the tin is brushed on by hand, and then Rocky Mountain Retinning says “Here at Rocky Mountain Retinning we use a bright acid tin bath for electro plating,” and they also say that “We also tin plate other types of metals, not only copper.” The second question, then, is: would this electro plating method be the better method for my pot given that its original nickel lining is still present in all but a small spot?

Many thanks in advance for any sage advice.

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