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Release Notes for 3/3/14: Larger Photos, Plus Updates to Workshops

Dave MP | Mar 3, 201403:50 PM

As of today's release, there are a few changes to both Workshops (the new posting format on the Food Quests board) and Chowhound as a whole.

Site-wide changes:

1) We are now displaying larger photos in original posts and top-level replies, both on discussions and workshops. The first photo you upload will appear full width, and subsequent photos will be displayed as thumbnails. Photos uploaded to lower-level replies will still be displayed only as thumbnails. The photo modal will continue to work the same way.

On workshops:

2) Some posts on Workshop pages will be hidden when the page is initially loaded. There are two ways that a post can end up hidden:

a) The total vote count goes below -3. Once a post reaches -4 votes, it will be hidden. The only exception is if that post is chosen by the original poster as their favorite response, in which case it will remain at the top no matter its vote count. If a post goes from -4 back up to -3, it will be automatically unhidden.

b) The original poster has the ability to hide any post they choose. If a post is hidden by the original poster, it will appear with an x next to it. It can only re-appear if the original poster chooses to unhide it.

In order to see hidden posts, a user will have to press "Show Hidden Posts" at the bottom of the page, and the hidden posts will be revealed. If a post is in a hidden state, commenting on that post is disabled.

Dave MP

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