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Release Notes for May 14, 2013 - Recommend and Trending Now


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Release Notes for May 14, 2013 - Recommend and Trending Now

Dave MP | May 14, 2013 03:10 PM

New in Today's Release: The "Trending Now" module, which is on the right hand side of every discussion page on the desktop site, now shows the Most Recommended Discussions for that board, from the past day.

Up until today, this module showed the 5 most recently updated discussions from a specific board. So, if you had been looking at a Site Talk discussion like this one, you'd see the 5 most recently updated discussions from Site Talk.

Now, this module will show the 5 discussions with the highest total number of recommends in the past day, from a specific board.

The formula we are currently using takes into account the total number of recommends made in the past 24 hours (regardless of whether they were dispersed amongst several posts or all on a single post), so the idea is to surface discussions that are active, engaging, and recent discussions. It's very possible that we will tweak this formula in the future, but for now we are giving this a try.

We encourage people to use the recommend button any time they see something that they think was worth reading, particularly if it's helpful, interesting, or informative. Now when you do this, you'll be helping to populate the module that will allow people to see the most engaging, current discussions on any board at a quick glance.

Feel free to ask any questions here, though keep in mind that features like these will almost definitely continue to evolve, and there may be some questions that we won't be able to fully answer—but we will definitely do our best!

Dave MP

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