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Could we please have Related Posts back?

iheartcooking | Feb 7, 201512:41 AM     4

I don't mind ads, they're a necessary evil... But why oh why did you have to take away related posts? Have I done something wrong? At the bottom of the page, we used to see links to threads that were VERY relevant to the opened thread, which used to send me down a rabbit-hole of information and provide hours of reading. Now, no matter what thread I'm reading, the "Related" section at the bottom is the same slow-cooker Sunday link. Every. Time. If I'm reading about oysters, the related thread is slow-cooker Sunday. If I'm reading about an LA times list... Slow cooker f*#%ing Sunday!
What possible benefit could there be to eliminating such a useful and awesome feature?!?!
Is there any chance we could have it back? I can't be the only one who misses it.

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