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oooYUM | Sep 7, 2012 04:24 AM

Hi There, hoping i can get a few good tips...

In general, is there a method to reheating meats?
Some kind of foolproof method?

I had a disappointment a few nites ago reheating some nice leftover grilled
med-rare New York strip steak that was juicy and pink.
I had sliced it thin and just wanted to reheat for the next nite (with the juices).
I had placed it in a frypan over LOW heat and even so, I turned my back to
make a little salad and next time I checked, the pieces were cooked through,
greyish, and ended up tasting dry to me.... I wanted to cry.

This happens a lot, and I hate it.
I don't seem to have the knack for reheating things well.......

I have 2 beautiful thick grilled pork chops leftover now, and
GEEEEZ I want to reheat them tonite, NOT repurpose them...

I also have a delicious Mac and Cheese to reheat...

Is there a general rule of thumb to reheating? Please?
It occurs to me that this is why ppl don't like leftovers....

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