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How do you reheat corned beef brisket?


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How do you reheat corned beef brisket?

BigBrother | Dec 10, 2010 06:20 PM

Hey all. I love making corned beef at home, both from the bag and from scratch, but one thing I can't figure out is how to reheat it properly. When you get it at a deli, either in sandwich form or plated with cabbage and potatoes, it's always super moist, bright pink, and full of all its original flavor.

When I cook it at home, it's only like that straight out the pot. On subsequent days, when I heat it up in the microwave, it turns almost into a roast- a dark brown, dried out mess.

How do they do it?

Oh yeah, one caveat- I need a relatively quick method, as I prep this for lunch. Re boiling for 30 minutes ain't an option! :)

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