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regional indian recipes on the web

howler | Sep 29, 2004 04:44 PM

i've kvetched long and loud on these boards about the misnomer 'indian food', that there ain't no such thing. to imagine how absurd the term 'indian food' is, think of europe as one country... and then imagine that tuscan cooking is 'european cuisine'. forget greece, french, roman, croatian, swiss ..

india is really very, very, very diverse. the cooking that goes on in south india, for example, is as different from kashmir as provencal is from scottish. one clue is the language: tamil is a classical language on par with sanskrit and they have nothing to do with each other. but you probably knew that already. in any case, the indian constitution admits 20+ different languages and god knows how many dialects; its a safe bet that if people speak so differently then they certainly cook very differently.

so, in as much as madhur jaffrey et al parade their recipes, there are but a handful of indians around who can claim to have even glimpsed the breadth of cuisine the continent offers - and thats because the food lives on in peoples homes, not restaurants. live in bombay and want to really get into bengali food? better have a few bengali friends ... theres maybe one bengali restaurant i've seen in the city. rajasthani? forget it.

on the other hand, there are recipes on the web now - and some are lovingly transcribed, just as ma directed. i've appended a link to one style of regional cooking, maharastrian. try these recipes! especially if you're a vegan, or veg, as we indians say. they are a far cry from what you'll see in standard recipe collections: little grease, and the underlying flavours shine through in a way i've never noticed in any other cuisine.

best of luck if you do.


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