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Regional Chinese Cooking in Greater Boston: feedback sought

Dr.Jimbob | Jan 1, 201809:20 PM     17

Hello all,

About a decade ago, I was a regular contributor to Chowhound’s Boston message board, with a particular interest in authentic, regional Chinese cooking.

I’ve disappeared, as my other commitments have made it difficult for me to put in the time to contribute meaningfully, but I recently saw a discussion which linked to a Google Drive map of regional restaurants in San Francisco: Regional Chinese roundup 3.0 (SF Bay Area)- April 2016 - December 2017 archive

This has moved me to start creating a similar database of regional Chinese restaurants for the Greater Boston area. If any of you have more of a sense of how to lay these locations out more elegantly in a customized Google map, I’m all ears. And if you have thoughts about other places with real-deal regional cooking, please let me know about that, too.

Thanks for your attention.


Edit: Full List Below

Sichuan (四川)
- Sichuan Gourmet (老四川 - Brookline)
- Sichuan Gourmet (老四川 - Billerica)
- Sichuan Gourmet (老四川 - Brookline)
- Sichuan Gourmet (老四川 - Framingham)
- Sichuan Gourmet (老四川 - Sharon)
- Sichuan Garden (四川飯莊 - Brookline (temporarily closed)
- Sichuan Garden (四川飯莊 - Woburn)
- Spicepepper Garden 花椒苑
- Chilli Garden (川王府)

Taiwan (臺灣)
- Taiwan Cafe (海之味)
- Gourmet Dumpling House (南北風味)
- Dumpling Cafe (南北和 - Chinatown)
- Dumpling House (南北和 - Cambridge)
- Dumpling Palace (南北和 - Symphony)
- Dumpling Kingdom (南北和 - Allston)
- Mu Lan Taiwanese Restaurant (木蘭 - Cambridge)
- Mu Lan Taiwanese Resturant (木蘭 - Waltham)
- Jo Jo Taipei (久久臺北)
- Formosa Taipei (福爾摩沙)
- Taipei Gourmet (臺北食坊)

Hunan (湖南)
- Zoe's Chinese Restaurant (風味亭)

Shanghai (上海)
- Shanghai Gate (石庫門)
- Shanghai Fresh (十八鮮)

Yunnan (雲南)
- Wen's Yunnan noodle and Ramen (过桥米线)

Northern Chinese
- QingDao Garden (青島園 - Shandong)
- Wang's Fast Food (東海園)
- Genes Chinese Flatbread Cafe (老西安 - Woburn; Shaanxi)
- Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe (Boston)
- Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe (Westford)

- Fuloon (瑞福酒家)
- Cilantro (御堂春)

Regional Chinese Cooking in Greater Boston

A list of restaurants offering authentic regional cooking from the regions of China, in the greater Boston area.

Sichuan Gourmet Sharon
Sichuan Garden
花椒苑 Spicepepper Garden
Chilli Garden
Taiwan Cafe
Gourmet Dumpling House
Dumpling Cafe
Dumpling House
Dumpling Palace
Dumpling Kingdom
Mu Lan Taiwanese Restaurant (Waltham)
Formosa Taipei
Taipei Gourmet
Shanghai Gate
Shanghai Fresh
Wen's Yunnan noodle and Ramen 过桥米线
Wang's Fast Food
Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe
Sichuan Gourmet
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