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Why Can’t I Refreeze Meat? Signed, Yours Truly, Question Authority


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Why Can’t I Refreeze Meat? Signed, Yours Truly, Question Authority

opinionatedchef | Apr 11, 2011 04:59 PM

Since retiring early, I have become worse at meal planning. Too much fun on CH. All words and no action. Which is to say that sometimes my defrosting plans are too ambitious. I have never been one to follow alot of accepted food rules, particularly w/ regard to shelf life. Don’t get me wrong, if something tastes off, i’m the first to chuck it. But we have lived through (and probly developed a stronger immune system) many foods that should not last as long as they have.Lest you feel faint, I will mention that I am well aware of the preservative powers of yoghurt, citrus juice, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and they are used in alot of my cooking.

So, being that i’m not so concerned with rules, what actually HAPPENS to meat that is defrosted and then refrozen? Can you really TASTE the difference? I know that food scientists would likely say that it depends what meat and how it was defrosted. Unwise as it is, more often than not,i defrost meat at room temp, overnight ; the meat being stored in the microwave. This is for large thick pieces- pork roast, whole chickens, meatloaf. Of course i know that they should be defrosted over several days in the frig so the temp comes down gradually etc etc.

But what does meat taste like when it has been frozen, defrosted, frozen, defrosted, and finally cooked? Anyone raise their hand? You see, i have this 2-meals sized meatloaf i defrosted last night............... Thanks much!

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