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Red Mango vs. Pinkberry


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Red Mango vs. Pinkberry

Pei | Nov 17, 2006 11:45 PM

I finally got a chance to stop in at California Roll & Sushi on Westwood (at Santa Monica, in the plaza with Peet's next to the car wash).

They have a frozen yogurt machine there filled with Red Mango, the Korean tangy frozen yogurt on which Pinkberry is reputed to have been based.

Short version: I won't be so sad about not being able to go to Pinkberry (can't stand the drive, the parking, the wait at any of the locations, and the cost)--Red Mango is a much better value.

Long version:
My friend liked Red Mango better overall--for both value AND flavor. It's much creamier, slightly more tangy, and much MUCH cheaper. $2 for a small cup and one kind of fruit. It was a perfect afternoon snack, and reasonably priced. I love that you can pick one fruit. At at least some Pinkberry locations you're forced to have either no fruit or three (at a high markup).

If you eat at California Roll & Sushi, you get a small cup of yogurt free with your meal. How's the food here, anyone? It looks decent enough for fast food sushi.

I frankly like the flavor of Pinkberry's yogurt better, but not enough to go a lot. I like that it's less creamy and more "crunchy." That weird quality doesn't make Pinkberry better frozen yogurt--in fact, probably the opposite. But for whatever reason, I like it. But I don't like it enough to go through the extra hassle and cost of getting it.

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